Rebel Raiders - A Children's Novel about Morgan's Raid of 1863

Reviews and Press about Rebel Raiders

Deseret News, Salt Lake City, UT
Utah author Lisa Actor writes account of her ancestors during Confederate raids

Park Record, Park City, UT
Children's novel is based on Parkite's aunt's life during the Civil War

Madison Courier, Madison, IN
Morgan's Raid from the eyes of a young child

RoundAbout Madison, Madison, IN
Hanover native pens fictional book set during Morganís Raid in Indiana

Miss Marple's Musings

A children's author celebrating the natural and cultural diversity in our world

     Why I like this book:
This is a historical novel with page-turning tension and heart Ė a great read for boys and girls and a terrific snapshot into an important historical event from the eyes of a plucky and compassionate protagonist. You wonít just be cheering for spunky Dill, either. All the characters are well fleshed-out individuals, crafted beautifully into their historical setting with authentic language, location and details. Dillís best friend, Simon, who is still reeling from losing his own Mom to diphtheria, is a courageous and faithful companion, if a little foolish at times. Levi Long is a rebel by whom, among others, Dill has some of her prejudices exposed. While the horror of war isnít blanched, the focus of this story is on one family and on the humanity, similarity and dignity of both sides in any conflict.

Read the full review and discussion of Rebel Raiders at Joanna Marple's homepage

Anne Holman

The King's English Bookshop

     Hello Fellow Booklovers:
If you are like me, you've read or seen hundreds of fantasy/vampire/zombie novels written for young readers over the last decade. That's why it's so refreshing when a well-written piece of historical fiction comes across my desk. I'm so pleased to introduce you to Rebel Raiders by Lisa Trimble Actor. This middle reader chapter book is based on events during the Civil War that really happened to one of Lisa's ancestors, Cordelia "Dill" Dunbar.

Read the full letter from Anne here. Link will open in Acrobat format.

Morgan's Raiders on the move.



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