Rebel Raiders - A Children's Novel about Morgan's Raid of 1863
Rebel Raiders - A Children's Novel about Morgan's Raid of 1863, the Confederate Raid across the Ohio River during the Civil War

Nellie the beagle sounds the alarm when General Morgan and his troops try to occupy the farm during the Civil War.Jim's riding boots.

Rebel Raiders is that rare combination of page-turning action set in an important historical event, yet grounded by compassion, humanity, and excellent writing.

Bobbie Pyron
Author of A Dogís Way Home and Dogs of Winter

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A Children's Novel about one of the
most infamous raids of the Civil War

At her uncleís hillside burial, Dill Dunbar learns General John Hunt Morgan and his Rebel cavalry are headed straight for Jackson. While Pa is fighting for the Union at Vicksburg, Ma contracts diphtheria and Dillís brother must defend the town, leaving her to protect the farm. When the enemy soldiers arrive, Dill strikes a bargain: she will cook breakfast for all fifty-two men if they will leave the farm unharmed and not steal her brotherís prized horse. But can she trust the enemy to keep their end of the bargain? Based on a true story.

This type of bugle was used by both the North and the South during the Civil War.

WOW. Rebel Raiders is a dramatic story of an eleven-year-old Ohio farm girl who comes face-to-face with the enemy during the American Civil War. First, the author, Lisa Trimble Actor places the reader in the midst of the painful, but distant, "War Between the States." Then the tragedies of war come closer and closer as the infamous Rebel Raider, John Hunt Morgan, and 2,000 cavalrymen strike north of the Ohio River. In search of food and horses, the Raiders come upon a farm home where this story unfolds.

In Rebel Raiders, Lisa Actor tightly focuses on the experiences and emotions of a child and her family when the Civil War comes to their front yard. This nation was involved in a bloody and tragic war - northern states against southern states - sometimes brother against brother, Lisa Actor finds and beautifies the tender side of human behavior. Masterfully the reader is pulled into fears of the unknown and the uncertainty of life itself. There is a richness of dialogue and a rhythm to the story that unites the emotions of that day with the emotions of a reader today. The depth of detail further enhances a beautifully told story. Readers will treasure the Rebel Raiders.

Kudos for Lisa Actor.

Richard S. Skidmore
Coordinator of the John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail in Indiana, 2002

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